5 reason to book your next photo session in Fall

  • Fall is known for its stunning colors, with the grass turning to this beautiful golden color. This creates a stunning backdrop for your family photos, adding warmth and depth to the pictures.

  • Fall weather is very cozy and pleasant, making it comfortable for outdoor activities for the littles. You can enjoy the session as the temperature gets perfect during golden hour, ensuring that everyone feels at ease and can participate fully.

  • Fall symbolizes transition and change as nature goes through a transformative process. Similarly, having a family session during this season allows you to reflect on the growth and changes within your own family.

  • Fall fashion is versatile and allows for layering, which can add depth and variety to your family's outfits. Cozy sweaters, scarves, and boots can create a stylish and coordinated look for your photos

  • And Pumpkin spice, which makes everything nice. Need I say more??
Family of four snuggling
Mother and daughter playing in the park
Mom with kids sitting on a tree
Family photo session in cupertino
Family photo of mom in cupertino
Fall outdoor photo of a family
Siblings posing for a photo
Lifestyle golden hour family photo
Portrait of a girl in a park
Family photo of four in Cupertino
Dad and kids in a park
siblings posing for a picture
Family playing at a park in cupertino