Model Call Application form

Every year I come up with some creative sessions that fuel my soul and my passion for photography. I am seeking families who not only revel in the joy of being photographed but are also open to investing in a wardrobe that complements the aesthetic I envision. This is not merely a free session; it is an opportunity to participate in the creation of a stunning portfolio while allowing me to experiment with various techniques+ you get images in return for your time. If you are eager to step into the spotlight and curate a collection of extraordinary memories, join me for this exceptional model call by filling the application form below.

You must be willing to,

  1. Agree to images being shared for marketing, social media, website portfolio, etc.,
  2. Being styled by me
  3. Purchase clothing and accessories for your family that is suggested
  4. Available on the date and time
  5. Willing to travel to the suggested location
  6. Hike if the location requires to
  7. Dads that are happy and are willing to participate
  8. Being posed and follow direction
  9. Tag me when you share your images on social media

Let’s create something together.