A newborn baby snuggling in his mother's arms with his eyes closed

Welcome to the wonderful realm of lifestyle newborn sessions.

A session with me is all about embracing the real, unscripted connections between you, your partner, and your newborn. The comfort of your home becomes the canvas. I'll be coming to your cozy space armed with wraps and blankets, ready to capture the genuine moments that unfold naturally. I'll work with the available natural light to showcase the warmth that defines your family's space.

From the tender glances between parents to the sweet gestures of siblings welcoming the newest member, my goal is to capture the essence of your family's unique story. These aren't just photographs; they're timeless memories that will transport you back to these beautiful, fleeting moments every time you revisit them.

Whether your little one is just a couple of weeks old, a few months, we can create a personalized session that reflects the unique personality and interactions within your family. Every stage brings its own charm, from the tiny, sleepy moments of a newborn to the lively expressions and interactions of an older baby.

Together, we'll create a visual story that beautifully encapsulates the unique charm of your family's new chapter.

Mom and dad looking at their new baby and mom is smiling at dad
A newborn snuggling in mothers arms while the dad makes looks at the baby
Baby's tiny toes are held by mother and father
A mother looking at her newborn boy while the baby snuggles in her arms
New parents holding their newborn baby and smiling at the photographer
A husband looking at his wife while holding his newborn baby with a smile on his face
A father holding his newborn son in a studio and touching his nose to the baby's nose and gently caressing

"Effortless moments captured in natural light"

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It’s important to me to capture major milestones in my family, and KK has exceed our expectations every time. She has gotten my very timid toddler to engage and let her personality shine. Most importantly, she got my husband, who hates taking family photos, to actually suggest getting more photos after our son was born. KK will always be the first photographer we reach out to when it’s time to update our albums. Can’t thank her enough!.”

Lexi and Aaron
Mother snuggling with a newborn baby while father is kissing her forehead